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Aquawing Ozone Injection System

Not all ozone systems will properly disinfect laundry. This is an important concern for any facility that may be processing linens, mops, cloths, etc., contaminated with infectious materials. Ozone does have powerful disinfecting properties, but simply relying on the reputation of ozone gas as a disinfectant does not mean that all ozone laundering systems will provide sufficient disinfection especially with super bugs such as MRSA (staph) and C.diff. and many more.


The Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry System is the only system in North America that is clinically validated to disinfect and to kill the super bugs MRSA (staph), C diff, aspergillus niger as well as doctor verified to kill HIV and Hepatitis amongst others. In fact, the nation's correctional facilities are realizing the dynamic capability of Aquawing to disinfect laundry in addition to producing massive energy and water savings, thus yielding an average payback of 18 months or less.

"I'm very satisfied with the ozone, it amazes me because I've had so many people over the years tell me that they're going to do wonders for my laundry and they're going to make it cheaper and they're going to make it better and they're going to make it whiter, but this was the first thing I've ever seen that actually did make it cheaper, better and whiter."

- Ray Kelley, Oakdale Nursing Home, Director of Equipment & Maintenance

What is Validated Ozone?

The engineers at Aquawing have created the patented VO3, a new device which validates ozone in the wash wheel. The VO3 Series by Aquawing for all Aquawing products validates that mandatory levels of ozone have been reached and maintained within the wash wheel. When reducing hot water usage, users need verification that a proper ozone concentration has been achieved and maintained to provide disinfection and superior wash results.


  • What is ozone?

    Ozone (O3) results from a high electrical voltage or ultraviolet light being passed through oxygen (O2) molecules. It's the addition of the third oxygen atom in ozone that produces a powerful cleaning agent.

    The most effective way to create ozone for laundry applications is to use corona discharge, a method that passes dried, oxygen-containing gas through an electrical field. The electrical current causes the oxygen molecules to split. Corona discharge is more effective than using ultraviolet light because ultraviolet light is incapable of producing ozone in sufficient quantities to overcome the oxidation demand of the soiled linen and can leave residuals like the super bug, MRSA.

    During a wash cycle, that third oxygen atom attaches to and breaks down organic materials like soils, bacteria, molds and greases. Once broken down, these materials are easily removed from fabric by detergent in the wash cycle. Ozone works best in cold water and can drastically reduce a laundry's need for hot water—cutting the workload and gas/electric/oil consumption of water heaters while conserving water. Since ozone leaves only oxygen behind, it' also environmentally friendly.

  • How does ozone clean linen?

    Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and as such it attacks soils, bacteria and viruses and breaks them down. Ozone also relaxes the weave of fabrics allowing chemicals and wash action to be more effective.

  • Does it really kill Super bugs
    in every wash?

    Absolutely. Aquawing's patented Aquawing technology kills bacteria on the step of every wash. According to two separate independent microbiologists, the Aquawing System kills greater than 99.999% of the spore forming super bugs not killed by traditional wash processes.

  • What are super bugs?

    Super bugs are dangerous bacteria* that are not killed by traditional wash processes.
    *Dangerous bacteria such as MRSA (staph), C. DIFF, and ASPERGILLUS NIGER and many more.

  • Can you prove the bug kill?

    Yes. We have an organized book full of all testing procedures, lab results and summaries of those results for our customers.

  • How difficult is the system for my employees to operate?

    Not at all. Adding the Aquawing System to your current laundry will not require any special training.

  • What will this do to my waste water?

    The Aquawing System actually Improves sewage quality (30 - 50%) The oxidizing power of ozone in the wash wheel aids the breaking down of soils, bacteria and other microorganisms. Also, by decreasing the chemicals rinsed down the drain, ozone is an effective waste-water treatment chemical.

  • Will the Aquawing Equipment damage my present laundry equipment?

    No. Aquawing ensures the integrity of your present equipment. This system is the only system on the market equipped with patented variable ozone technology. This technology automatically regulates ozone levels in the wash wheel and maintains a safe level for all components of your washing machines including the seals. Because of this technology we have written verification from major manufacturers that the Aquawing system will not harm the equipment or void warranties.

  • Will my laundry be out of service during installation?

    The system has a foot print of 22 1/4" by 25 1/2" with no special hookups, no electrical requirements and no elaborate plumbing. Install time is very minimal and there is virtually no downtime. It can also be installed on the wall.

  • Who will take care of the equipment after installation?

    We have the most extensive network of local distributors of any ozone laundry company. This network is trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of the Aquawing System and will be able to meet all of your needs.

  • Is ozone dangerous?

    Ozone, as a disinfectant, is safer than the common chemical Chlorine. The Aquawing System has been tested and surpasses all OSHA safety standards. Along with this the Aquawing System comes with a standard room sensor which monitors the ozone level within the wash room. This monitor will shut down the system if recommended levels are exceeded and laundry equipment will remain fully functional. The Aquawing System also comes with the patented variable ozone, which monitors the levels of ozone at each washing machine.

Eliminate Super Bugs

The Aquawing System is the only system on the market that's clinically proven by two independent laboratories to eliminate more than 99 percent of super bugs in the wash with use of patented Interfusor. Super bugs are bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them. As a result, the system helps prevent the spread of infections caused by super-bug bacteria and many harmful viruses, including but not limited to Hepatitis, C.diff, aspergillus niger, HIV and MRSA. While chlorine bleach can only be utilized in one step of the wash cycle, ozone's oxidation power is utilized whenever water is present. It is a powerful and natural biocide - destroying bacteria, deactivating viruses and controlling odors.

Return on Investment

What's remarkable about the Aquawing system are the results. Not only do laundries gain productivity using less hot water, water, gas and potential chemical savings, they cut utility costs, extend linen and laundry equipment life, eliminate super bugs, and improve wash quality! In most cases, laundry operations see a return on investment in less than two years and as short as 3 months! Rental programs allow for positive cash flow from day one.


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