Cleaning technology

The Xeros System offers a whole new way to clean laundry

The Xeros laundry system is the first REAL innovation in laundry in more than 60 years. This laundry system is designed to use polymer technology to provide superior cleaning results compared with standard soap and water methods. With the revolutionary Xeros Commercial Laundry System, your laundry finally has a highly cost-effective, eco-friendly, and gentle method to launder linens and towels.


 "The power of polymer cleaning®” significantly decreases the total amount of water used, it also enables the cleaning cycle to be run at lower temperatures, cutting energy costs. While detergent is still a part of the process, only half as much needs to be used with the Xeros system compared with standard commercial washing machines.







Two 25kg Xeros Washers

16kg Xeros Washer

25kg Xeros Washer

Two 25kg Xeros Washers


Xeros Sbeadycare is a fully integrated, all-inclusive program that provides a stress-free solution across multiple laundry applications, including industrial, hospitality, commercial, dry cleaners, fitness clubs, and spas. Depending on the particular Xeros Sbeadycare program chosen, customers can receive the machine, installation, financing, chemicals, polymer spheres, service/support, training, and warranties, as well as access to the proprietary laundry management technology, Xeros Sbeadycare CONNECT. Laundries save money with Xeros Sbeadycare because there are no costly repair bills, expensive parts, or unreliable service technicians— it’s all covered with one low monthly payment!

Savings that xeros offers

With Xeros, businesses can save up to 80 percent on water, 50 percent on energy, and use only half the detergent compared with a traditional commercial washing machine. Your own savings will vary based on your utility costs and water rates. For a more accurate idea of what you can save, Xeros offers a free-of-charge “Site Impact Analysis,” where we collect some basic information about your current laundry operations and provide you with an analysis of how much you will save with their revolutionary polymer cleaning system.


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